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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Ash Wednesday

Fasting, even to the limited extent that I do it, means mild grumpiness and slight apathy.

It was a quiet day in every way for me: the big excitement was getting to teach an e-mail class this afternoon, same one I teach about every two weeks or so. Quiet ride to work, tasty veggie calzone for dinner, quiet mass this evening, and quiet evening at home. Didn't even feel like playing Ico, which is a great game, even so long after its release

I'm thinking about the race on Sunday, though, which should be fun. Looks like the weather will be good.

Hm. One funny anecdote: one of my e-mail students looked at me at the start of the class and asked if I had lost weight, noting that I had really hollowed out in the face. I used my usual joke about my great diet: eat whatever the heck you want and ride a bike for 8 hours per week. But the looks I've been getting in the last little while have changed from compliments to verging on worry. And yet I'm not even into the normal weight range for my height.

I've really burned through February; it's been busy.

Time to start training for serious.

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