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Saturday, February 14, 2004

I've got pictures for you.

I'm playing with the departmental 5 megapixel Sony Cyber-shot (a cyber camera for the cybermorphic weblog, natch). I took a few pictures, mostly for information. large versions are mostly 800x600, but there's one really big one in there just for fun.

the commuter Bianchi
This is my lunch box Bianchi, perfect for wet commuting. Note attractive green tire, mismatched fork, signature orange saddle. Future projects include replacing the wretched rear brake and the caliper; I have another RSX brake and an SLR lever for this.

A big picture of the Kona Kilauea. Note normal state of cleanliness, this time a result of riding up Burnaby Mountain and back down.

Pinarello pastiche
Ah, isn't that nice? note exquisite colour matching. Observant viewers may see what looks like the same front wheel as the Bianchi. That's because it is. I have two nearly identical Nisi rims, one with a nice Shimano 105 hub, one with a usable Suzue hub. Only one tire mounted up, right now, so I use the wheel on both bikes. The Pinarello doesn't get much work until racing season, though. The tri-bars in this picture come off for mass-start events. The only to-do on this bike is replacing the left SLR brake lever with an "aero" version, mainly to get the brake cable out of the way of the tri-bars.

The camera also has a lovely Nightshot mode, so you can do the full Paris Hilton thing.

Don't read too much about the camera into the quality of these pictures. I've massaged them all pretty heavily, and was not shooting at full resolution.

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