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Sunday, February 15, 2004

More pictures, and some notes about Valentine's day.

Warning! The large versions of these pics are a half-meg apiece. click if you dare.

The Lovely One gave me liquor for Valentine's:
liquor bottles

I romantically paid for her hair styling, and we went to an antique show Saturday morning, where I got her an amethyst glass toothpick holder:
amethyst glass toothpick holder with cocktail umbrellas in it

Also, a nice-looking 60s-era juice pitcher, and I found a vintage Valentine's card which I gave her.

Antique shows are interesting chances to see stuff and people. I get the idea a lot of the trade in collectibles is the same 200 people in town swapping the same 200 collections in their own favourite sub-genre ("you like plastic farm animals for model train sets too? I want to buy your collection!")

No great bargains out at the show, which was in the Tradex building in Abbotsford. I'm more impressed with the usual pricing down in New Westminster's Antiques Row. There was a lot of amethyst glass on display at several stalls, which pleased The Lovely One.

No bicycles, though, so that was a bummer.

The liquor collection will now help us with what we hope will be a new tradition: a Saturday-night cocktail, a different one for each of us every Saturday night. We started with a Blue Monday for her (too strong; just add pineapple juice) and a Gimlet for me (I like gin drinks, and it has a nice sour taste, but not something I'd order as a first choice).

One cocktail is a nice, moderately decadent treat, something that helps us feel continuity with the pretty-but-decadent culture of the sixties (as opposed to the messy-but-indolent counterculture). It's good fun, and takes us to a time when it was okay to drink.

I got my mother-in-law a cactus as a Valentine's day gift. I thought it an amusing gift. She really liked it.

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