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Monday, February 23, 2004

More unseasonably good weather

We're just feeling all gifted and such these days, since Vancouver has been getting unusually good weather for the last few days.

Okay, I wasn't quite right before: a few pictures were taken this weekend using the fancy-pants camera from work. Here's one:
The Lovely One
Nightshot mode is an awful lot of fun. I think I will take the camera out in the dark next weekend to see what I find.

Bike maintenance last night. It's not pretty, but the rear wheel on the Bianchi now has the right number of spokes and passes through the brake calipers without rubbing. Proper true-ness will have to wait for later.

This morning's ride in was slow, as befits a recovery ride. I barely broke a sweat, giving my legs a much-needed break.

I am rushing headlong into the serious training zone. Sometime in the next week or two, I'll begin doing interval training. Thus ends the semi-holiday my legs have enjoyed since last August.

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