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Friday, February 20, 2004

Oops. There was supposed to be a Thursday post, right?

Right. I keep falling asleep. Last night, instead of fixing my stupid broken bike wheel, I fell asleep. Just too much to do and not enough energy.

But that's okay, the weekend is shaping up well: one piano concert, one or two major bike repairs, a couple of significant car maintenance issues (I'll be dropping my transmission fluid and changing the battery, yes I will), errands ranging from pianist delivery to meat acquisition, plus the desire to pack in a few bike rides this weekend mean I'll need Monday off to recuperate. Well, I get Tuesday instead, but that should be enough.

Do I want politics to intrude on this? Not yet. I'd rather talk about being busy. It's good for you. I think.

It's like this: I really, really like the effects of being busy, like getting stuff done. I loved one major thing about being a bachelor: the vast unaccounted for chunks of time I used to fritter away on nothing. And I mean it. Hours spent reading, napping, playing games, or just not doing anything even that ambitious.

But it had to end, because I wasn't getting anything done. I mean, I'd spend hours just getting up on a Saturday morning, wander around, look at my magazines, read a book, put off 8 tasks and errands, and then not do anything. Evening would roll around, and I'd just play games for a while, then go to sleep. On an ambitious day, I might actually walk outside and buy some groceries

And I did that a lot. It was just weird.

The Lovely One has been very good about encouraging me to do stuff, and more importantly, about making sure that the whiteboard in our office accurately reflects our upcoming obligations.

Between stuff The Lovely One wants to do, stuff I want to do, and stuff that just has to be done (I'm talking to you, Tercel transmission), there's a lot of stuff to do.

But with the new lifestyle, stuff actually gets done.

In other news my video game obsession is overtaking the number of friends I have. I want to get a Gamecube so I can play Pac-Man Vs.. I already have a Gameboy Advance, so I'm sorted! And T-Bone wants to sell me his Gamecube because he doesn't play it anymore. Now I just have to find two more controllers, a GBA link cable, and two more friends. The friends might be tricky...

Wired Cola-specific musing now, just for keith:

good brand name: Yum! Brands (parent company of several fast food chains)

bad brand name: just about any SSRI. Prozac? Luvox? Paxil? Zoloft? Lexapro? Is there a rule about making your drug sound both ominous and meaningless? Well, except maybe Paxil.

None of these is as bad as Genexxa, the name of Radio Shack's now-defunct house brand. Maybe a conflict with a Swedish speaker maker?

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