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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Argh. This non-posting has got to stop

After an aimless, grumpy Sunday caused by no racing caused by a small bend in the wheel that was detected too late because I didn't try to finish rebuilding the wheel until Sunday morning because I'm a ninny, I got better.

Monday at work, nothing special, but today was a flex day. In honour of this great idea (work 9 slightly longer days every two weeks, take one weekday off), I dug out most of the foundation for my bike shed. Three hours in the glorious early-Spring weather staking lines, shovelling dirt, pouring sand, placing slabs, checking for levelness, getting it wrong, placing the slabs again, and the measuring. Always the measuring.

The good news is it's mostly done. Just one or two less-important slabs to place, and then I can build the floor out of 2x4s and plywood. And then the easiest bit of all, the actual assembly of the shed.

I also fixed the wheel problem, by buying a new wheel from my parts-pusher, Dave. It's an ugly relationship we have: I'm addicted to endorphins, and Dave sells me bike parts (or as I like to call them, drug paraphenalia) at great prices. Sweet!

Traditionally, though, flex days are all about what The Lovely One wants to do. This is a fair trade, since I'm away longer the rest of the week. This day's errand was getting a valuation on some early 20th century postcards, complete with stamps.

After three tries, we got a good idea of the value. Turns out the cards are more desirable than the stamps, and the collection is worth a bit, but not a lot. Before they go up for sale, though, I intend to scan in the lot, because they're beautiful ephemera featuring some interesting pictures of B.C. in the nineteen oughts.

We also visited The Lovely One's grandmother's grave. It's a simple slab, not far from the big Murchie (of tea-merchant fame?) marker in the New Westminster cemetery. "Gassy" Jack Deighton is buried there, too.

Back to the salt mines tomorrow, but I've got a wheel, so I'm going racing Saturday! Joe Hailey Memorial Stage Race! It will be my first stage race and my first individual time trial! I can feel a win coming, I'm due, I tell ya!

Hey, what's better than winning a "C" group race? Not being in the "C" group.

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