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Saturday, March 06, 2004

It is fairly warm today. It is supposed to go up to fourteen tomorrow, but until the ice and snow is gone, I'm not going to be comfortable biking. I have a phone interview with EA on Monday. i'm not sure what they want, because I told them I wasn't finished my degree, and wouldn't be until at least the end of the summer. Maybe they want me back for another internship this summer. I'd be willing to do that. I really liked working at EA.

Got the 'save space' functionality mostly tackled today on my thesis. Feel good about that. Going over to my friend Anna's tonight, for some singing. We are doing the Buffy musical at the end of the month. I am performing Anya's part in _I've got a Theory_ (including the bunnies bit), Tara's duet with Gyles (_Under Your Spell/Standing_) and the _Parking_ song, so I can use some practice. I want to get some port for Anna first, because I know she likes it, so I will go up to the mall first.

I am finally closing on a positive worth. After putting my RSPs in at the last minute, I am now only worth -$3000. My student loans amount to about $35,000, so I am very proud of this. However, I have no money at all until the end of the month now, so everything is going on VISA. That probably means that this month's paycheque will be spent paying off my VISA. The next month's paycheque (this will be the end of May) will be the first month I am tucking away for my PowerBook. Francois said I should wait until after June (some Mac conference or other) to buy it, which will be about right, since if I can save $1500 a month for two months (April and May), I will be able to afford it in June.

Of course, this will be altered immensely if EA wants me for four months in may.

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