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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Paper or Plastic?

This week has been hectic, but pleasant. Making a few plans for next month, planning to ride a few races this weekend, and I have to get over to Dave's place to buy a bunch of bike stuff. And the shed project is becoming critical, because I'm going to do the bike kitchen thing when it goes up.

The bike kitchen? Simple: I set up the shed, and set up shop. You bring over your bike that Saturday, and I'll tune it up. Festivities will conclude with a short ride on the Rocky Point bike path, suitable for all ages and abilities. It will happen very soon, since it's the season for putting bikes back on the road.

And you're all invited.

In other news, I figured out something: back when I was a lad, taking the groceries in from the car was an all-family affair involving multiple trips for each person. Nowadays, I do similar loads of groceries in two trips.

The difference is plastic bags with handles.

The paper bags of my youth didn't have handles, and that meant you could only carry two bags at once. Handles make your strength, not your reach, the limit. And groceries don't weight that much.

Tomorrow is my treat day, and the co-workers ought to be happy: The Lovely One made 7-layer square and oatmeal-currant cookies. Yummy!

I'm hoping to get out to Krispy Kreme this weekend. We'll see.

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