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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Still Feeling Tired

It may be time to admit that the amount of cycling I've been doing is part of why I feel tired right now. Well that, and getting about 5 hours of sleep last night.

Finally gave up on fixing the car myself: Dad says the heavy mechanics at work shy away from such repairs, owing to usually-required specialty tools.

Hey, did you know that March 1 is Korean Independence Movement Day? As opposed to Constitution Day (Jul 17), Liberation Day (Aug 15), or Foundation Day (Oct 3). The first one caught The Lovely One unawares, and had her wondering where the heck her students were Monday morning.

Speaking of holidays, for Lent, instead of my usual tactic of surrendering chocolate consumption, this year I have given up sloth. It's a lot harder than chocolate.

Short entry tonight, because I'm too tired or too busy to do more. But two things to point out in the sidebar: this is Eric's fault because I kept reading Supafamous until I decided to write my own blog. And Andrew Chang, my arch-nemesis (no, not really; my arch-nemesis is some other guy), is now running his own mostly-photos, some-writing blog, Serenepia.

I go bed now.

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