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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

And here I thought I had nothing to post about

What a ridiculous, ugly, vanity-picture this is. Why would anyone in the world want to see another photo of three very pedestrian bicycles? Sure, it's funny because they're all blue with identical execrable orange saddles, but so what? It's not an interesting composition, it's just another bloody picture of stuff inside my swanky new shed. Boring! If I'm going to take stupid pictures, I should stick with the flowers. They at least have some intrinsic beauty. Stupid, stupid picture of my bike. And why am I typing this? I've got a grossly neglected weblog here, and yet I go prattling on in the alt-text for a dumb picture. Does this make even a lick of sense? Talk about the blind leading the blind. More like the blind leading on the blind, if I have any visually impaired readers, which i doubt, and lucky for them, eh? In my darker moments, I meditate oddly on which kind of grevious disability I wouldn't mind. You know, legs would be bad, because then, no biking, no walking, and the wheelchair. But then I think that wheelchairs are just reconfigured bike technology, so I could spec a really nice wheelchair with cool equipment, and maybe look into building a carbon-framed one just for fun. Then I wander into blindness, and you know, that would suck: no driving, no riding (except stoker on tandems) TV and movies become less than half as interesting, and computers become an immense pain in the ass to use. I probably would get more interested in music, but still, I wouldn't be able to even do my current job without immense retraining. Deafness seems a lot better, since I could live without music (yeah, I know that marks me as a soulless apparition from a scary part of humanity, but there you go. I like music, in some cases a lot, but I could live without it). And you'd have to learn sign language, one of the cooler languages out there. Ironically, since my job is mostly phone-based, I'd be really, really screwed there. But otherwise, deafness wouldn't be a complete mess. Loss of both arms? Not a good one. That's a lot of retraining you're talking there. I'll try to hang onto my arms. Brain damage isn't good either, but hey, at that point you're brain damaged, so maybe it doesn't really seem that bad. I'd uh, better stop this alt-text before I get myself deeper in this hole....
Google, as part of its ongoing plot to take over the world, has finally given me a shot at a GMail account. So I'm rcousine@gmail.com, and let's see if this thing has any use at all.

They seem to be trying some fairly clever concepts out about searching. It's as if Google's attitude is that since they're really good at searching and archiving, all problems should be solved using search-and-archive tools.

Well, it has worked for them so far. They're not quite victims of their own success yet, though they seem to have barely fought off the PageRank-farmers even now.

Did a bit of lawn mowing on my day off, followed by a relaxing spate of dinner-making, interrupted just long enough to do a time-trial test. Scary. I have to hit 40 km/h average for just under 30 minutes if I want to win a TT coming up this weekend. According to my test, it will hurt!

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