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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Bicycles: the other rusting, inedible meat

So, what kind of dishes will I be making with the fresh bikes? I have a chart on my wall. The Lovely One will get indexed shifting this year. The Auto-Mini will get put on hold (it looks like this), until a 7-speed gearhub is acquired and probably just ridden for fun for a while.

The drivetrain of the Skykomish will be transferred onto the BMX, in a project I call "the prototype". It will be a sort-of proof-of-concept for the Auto-Mini, but I have high hopes it will be a worthy ride in its own right. Faster than a mountain bike on the road, tougher than a road bike at the skate park. It should be pretty messed up!

Brother Mike is getting married on Saturday. So much of today was spent at my parents' house, preparing for the reception, which at this point mainly means cleaning and toting. We toted a fridge, a hide-a-bed, two display cases, the entire contents of a closet, and I re-toted the upstairs bedroom being used as storage. I'm all toted out for today.

Advance Wars 2 is the bomb. And the Neotank. Favourite CO: Griit, with a side of Sensei.

PS: The Lovely One says I am a book hog. I'll work on that. Must work harder!!!

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