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Monday, April 19, 2004

Shed's up, I'm out

dandelions in the foreground, blurred daffodils and tulips as a backgroundThank heavens. The shed project is done. But no photos of that yet, not even the silly one once again showing that I tastelessly own three blue bikes with identical orange seats.

Instead, I think I'll just say I'm kinda beat. Oh, but I have to mention Greg Viger's cool real-estate thingy, which is the answer to the question "what if your realtor was also a database programmer?"

I'll say more about why Greg's concept is clever next time, but it basically leverages (word alert! Word alert!) the power of taking a good realty database, and usefully hooking it to the web and e-mail.

Okay, what's next to do? Not much racing for a few weeks, and the shed is up, so that means it's time to sell the motorcycle. And mow the lawn.

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