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Friday, April 02, 2004

So, What's up?

I dunno. I'm just plum fatigued right now, and I think it's because I've been busy. I'm never quite sure. But let's see:

Yesterday I got up at 4 to troubleshoot a network outage (thanks, Telus!) that killed The Lovely One's web tutoring session. Then I went to work. Came home, got dinner from a local Chinese restaurant (Carefree; it's okay, and they didn't poison us!), then it was shopping time. After the shopping, I wandered around for an hour or so, watched a bit of TV, and went to bed shortly after 11. That was it.

Tonight? Come home, eat, show apartment, fix wheel, get Bianchi ready for the Saturday ride, don't forget to put out a tire and the bike rack, and that will probably be bedtime.

On Wednesday night, I met the charming Claire Petersky and loaned her the Pastiche. With a bum front tire. Sorry Claire! Well, we'll correct that Saturday morning at the usual EV Easy Spin ride.

Sunday, It's the Pacific Populaire! The funnest 100k you'll ever do, until you hit that hill at the 103 km mark that tries to kill you.

"Funnest"? What?

I'm reading Hitchens' Why Orwell Matters now. It's interesting to a die-hard Orwell fan like me, but so far it's an extended defense of Orwell's reputation against the attacks of people I've never heard of.

There should be more later. That's all there is for now.

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