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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Obviously Ryan had had a martini or two right before thinking this bike idea up.
Behold the BMX LX, an experimental project which was sorta-completed at today's bike party. Warning: bigger version is quite big, allowing you to see several amusing details: 7-speed Deore LX rear gears mated to a late-80s Factory Kuwahara frame. The seat is my usual Selle Italia Nitrox, but in black because this bike is supposed to be kewl. The seatpost I actually paid $20 for (gasp!), and now wish was both a bit taller and with more setback. And because nothing says perversion of technology like oddly-shaped chainrings, it's got a Biopace chainring.

Bugs: I haven't set up the shifting yet. There is only one brake, and it barely works. Front derailment looks like it will be a recurring hazard. Bike otherwise works reasonably well.

Future plans, from highest to lowest priority: tune shifting and rear brake. Add new fork capable of taking V-brake, and V-brake. Put on a front derailer to retain the chain (failure to do so would violate the David Millar rule). Change to high-pressure slick tires. Find a 144 mm BCD chainring adapter or redrill current 64-tooth ring to accomodate a 130 mm BCD, then create a 53/64 double front ring pair with the BB adapter I already own and an unsuspecting crankset. This will also allow an optional upgrade to clipless pedals. Consider changes to a different handlebar, or adding an aerobar.

The gearing feels nice after a 1-block test ride. More testing will be necessary.

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