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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Day of the Zinger

I made my co-workers laugh, full-on and uncontrollably, for about 5 minutes today after pulling an unintentional pratfall as I tried to sit down.

But The Lovely One got the best lines of today:

"Good movies don't need to be re-made, because they were already made!"

"The British have Shakespeare, the Americans have Roddenberry."

That latter one in the context of Patrick Stewart's career, of course. (And Canadians have Shatner....)

Oh, and did I mention that for some special event or other, the nursing department dressed up a skeleton in a traditional nurses outfit, including cap and blue-and-red cape? It looked like the NURSE OF THE DAMNED!

Beautiful sun today, and I wrote to poor Jim in Winnipeg to tease him about the snow. His reply contained harsh language and self-diagnosed weather-induced grumpiness. It was pure schadenfreude to read.

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