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Thursday, June 24, 2004

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I have to cut back a bit on my food intake, but being back in full stride with my cycling again will help. The Liberal candidate in my riding, Dave Haggard, has been standing on the busiest intersection of my daily commute twice so far. He comes out with an entourage to hold signs and wave, classic "barbershopping" technique. Pity poor Steve McClurg, NDP candidate in the same riding. Yesterday he was also barbershopping, but was pitifully alone, a fact emphasized that while he was on the corner holding one sign, there was nobody else to hold up the two other signs propped up beside him. I suspect Conservative MP Paul Forseth is quite safe in the slightly revised riding, but I'll go out and vote Monday evening regardless. It looks like this year the election results will not be tape-delayed to prevent Westerners from understanding reality before their polls close. Ironically, this may be the first election in quite some time that will not be remotely decided before the B.C. polls close.

The riding goes on. The tendon pain does not. The Lovely One encouraged a massive cleanup of the backyard Wednesday night, which is to say, I had to put my bikes in the shed. It looks better for doing it. But I have to get back to my projects.

Weird and muggy today. But not too hot for the ride home. I was at Lougheed Mall at the same time as the express bus. It finally caught up with me just as I got one block from home. That's a pretty quick trip.

Going to the Storyeum on the weekend. We have to go because the slogan is, "it's story time."

Thanks to a new technology I'm working with on this blog, this paragraph will be a personalized message for each reader of my blog. Let me know if there are any bugs. Hi, Heather: how are you and Karl doing? I should be in your neighbourhood for the Yaletown Grand Prix next Wednesday; hope to see you guys there.

Isn't the future fun?

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