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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Happy Canada Day 

It's getting to the point where I need to do things so I have something to write about here. That's not terrible: Wired Cola thus acts as an index of whether Ryan Cousineau has been doing anything worthwhile with his life lately.

Lately? I'd say RjC is at best a "hold," to use stock terminology.

So, I'm badly allergic to the poor dog, so he's not staying. Which is quite sad. Darned guy has a great disposition. But there's an important lesson here about giving pets as gifts: only if you know the recipient wants a pet.

In a farewell tour, me and John The Dog will go down to the big festival at Rocky Point today, mostly so we can eat mini-donuts. In other doughnut news, they're putting in a Tim Horton's 10 minutes by bicycle from my house. That could be bad.

Tonight, I plan to do the Thursday night race in Richmond. Because I didn't do the Tuesday nighter or the Yaletown Grand Prix.

I did spend most of yesterday installing a new stereo in the car, so I can be proud of that. If any of you need a good-quality cassette unit with a removable faceplate and slightly flaky (but probably repairable) display illumination, let me know. The radio is in perfect condition except that the screen's backlight doesn't work (the LCD is fine) and it's a tape deck, not a CD player. It even has the inputs for an outboard CD changer.

Less type, more do stuff. So I can type in here later that I did it.

Oh right! The election. Short summary: mild disappointment, but somewhat pleased that the Liberals and NDP do not have a working majority in combination. I made the prediction that it would last 36 months, but that's probably longer than is reasonable. My smarter friend Marc figures there will be an election late next year.

And in case you didn't read it, Colby Cosh has a conspiracy theory that Ralph Klein's sabotage of the Conservative campaign by health care announcement was deliberate. Nice overview of current Alberta politics.

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