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Monday, July 05, 2004



Wired Cola is pleased to announce that after a corporate restructuring, the wiredcola.com domain has been reacquired, and will be used to launch its flagship publicity engine, the world's only Cybermorphic™ Weblog, into the new millennium.

"This new internet domain will launch our flagship publicity engine, the world's only Cybermorphic™ Weblog, into the new millennium," said Wired Cola's Vice President of Marketing, Ryan Cousineau. "I know some doubters and nay-sayers out there think that's an odd thing to say in the year 2004, but I ran it by some of the smarter mathematicians around here, and they said we could claim that meant our millennium project was either less than 1% off target, or 996 years ahead of schedule. Either way, pretty good, huh?"

Mr. Cousineau went on to say that this "new millennium" plan would be an integral part of Wired Cola's Y10k consulting program, under the slogan "we're ten percent there, and only one percent late! Or 996 years ahead of schedule."

From now on, the Wired Cola weblog will be directly accessible at http://www.wiredcola.com/.

"We're very proud of the fact that our web designers figured out how to use our site registrar's domain forwarding function. This will allow us to leverage the synergy of our new domain without a substantial new financial outlay."

Mr. Cousineau continued with news that even more synergy will be leveraged in the future: "we plan to integrate the nascent Wired Cola merchandising operation with the weblog, and will re-integrate the original Wired Cola content at the old domain under the "Wired Cola Classic™" banner. You know, Archimedes had a lot to say about levers, but this will be a leverage of synergy Archimedes could only imagine. We're talking a whole continent of leveraged synergy. Maybe more! It's pretty cool."

In the future, Wired Cola plans to get its favicon.ico file working too, which would be neat.

Wired Cola, Inc. ignited the soft drink industry in the early 90's with the world's first CyberMorphic beverage, and reinvented the computer game with Mogelfoci and Mogelfoci II. Wired Cola also leads the IT industry with the world's only comprehensive Y10K consulting package. Wired Cola is now recommitted to its original mission -- total world domination.

© 2004 Wired Cola, Inc. All rights reserved. Wired Cola, the Wired Cola logo, the Wired Cola iMerchandise Store, and CyberMorphic are registered trademarks of Wired Cola, Inc. Y10K, CyberMug, Mogelfoci and Mogelfoci II are trademarks of Wired Cola, Inc. Additional company and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the individual companies and are disrespectfully ignored.

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