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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Gregg Easterbrook's "Tuesday Morning Quarterback", the football column so good that it started me watching NFL games, is back for another season.

I don't know yet if my crab apple wine project (tentatively titled Project Cana, since these are St. Joseph's Parish crab apples, and I plan to turn them from nasty crab apple juice into tasty crab apple wine) is a go, but I'm only an efficient way of crushing crab apples (and several kilos of sugar) away from making a few batches. That's one way to deal with the surplus of apples, and a delicious way.

Surprisingly, making apple cider would be more work than wine. Too much fussing around, though the finished product would probably be ready in weeks rather than months.

And tonight is a big-ride night. I go to my race after a 30 km warm-up. Fun!

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