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Monday, August 09, 2004

Jelly Belly 

Jelly jelly jelly jelly. Three more batches of it today, making about 15 jars of jelly in various fairly large sizes. And that hasn't even used up all of the juice, and has hardly touched the stock of ripe apples still available on Fr. Joseph's tree. And today he begged me to pick the pear tree, too.

My mother-in-law tells me pear-ginger jam is excellent. Oh noooo! Save me from the jelly!

By now, I'm not exactly sick of crab apple jelly, but I have licked enough bowls to be able to move on to something else for a while. But it's a great jelly.

I did some semi-successful experiments with savoury crab apple jellies as well: lavender, thyme, tarragon, mint, bay leaf, and rosemary. they look quite pretty, since I floated a sample herb in each jar. BTW, preparatory taste-tests confirmed one thing: chive-crab apple jelly is not a good idea.

Much jam-making (and frenzied kitchen-cleaning) meant no riding this weekend. Not even once. Sucks. But I did assemble The Lovely One's anniversary present to me, a nifty gas barbeque. Very nice. The box trumpets a five-step toolless assembly. The toolless part was true (but considering my tool collection, just meant using nasty wingnuts when I wanted to put a wrench on things), but the five steps were a big lie. Never mind that each step was multiple operations, there were also steps 2a, 2b, and 2c. Eh?

That said, the assembly was uneventful, until I got to the gas burner shield, which simply had no place to go. Oops, here's the helpful errata sheet, showing the two crossbars I have to put in so it will have some place to go. And all is well. It's a really sweet-looking grill, so I hope to fire it up Monday night.

Sunday dinner was a nice little picnic in the park: some chicken and salad bought from a nearby grocery store, and a little spot just off the Skytrain bike path near Edmonds station. Ah.

And now it's past midnight, and I'm next door with my in-laws, installing a cable internet connection. Everything went nicely until I plugged in the ethernet cable, and instantly found out that the computer was vulnerable to Sasser. a scan and patch later, and I'm writing this from the laptop over the wireless connection while I wait for several megs of Windows updates to slooowly install.

Sleep. I need sleep.

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