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Saturday, August 28, 2004


Not much to say this evening. The wine yeast has been busily doing its part, and we'll soon see if I have something like wine, or something like vinegar. Keith sent us a postcard from Singapore with a "spiky" theme. I think I'll have to scan it in.

Did a nice, hard 90+ km with the club, including the optional loop out to Iona Beach. The fast boys were riding steadily, and the ride took a bit out of my legs. That's good: I hope to do that ride regularly through the Winter. one club-mate gave me some good bike-handling suggestions last week, and I worked on being steadier.

A funny thing about my riding gear: I like having my arms and legs covered up, but torso coverage isn't a big deal for me. This is the opposite of most riders: a team-colors sleeveless vest is standard cold-weather gear for many in our club, while I don't even own such a garment. Though here's some good advice for Heather & Karl especially: a neck-warmer makes a huge difference when you're exposed and moving quickly in cold weather. I own a small collection of scarves, which saw regular use when I had a motorcycle (sob), but which have been supplanted on the bicycles by an acrylic neck-tube. At least for me, that neckie is as good as putting on another layer, and until it gets very cold indeed, I can happily commute my normal thin jersey, arm-warmers, and a neck-warmer.

One issue: if the neck-covering gets substantially soaked, a common problem on the motorcycle, it becomes a cooling device. I never experimented with one, but a neoprene neck-warmer is the obvious solution. When it's that wet and I'm on my bike, I have a rain jacket with a stand-up collar.

Dinner tonight was curry from a new place in Burnaby Heights, but I paused at...a store to be named later when I saw some Atari 2600 cartridges in the window, 50 cents each.

Ah, my ugly weakness.

I went in. Hm. Video Pinball in shabby condition. Hmm. oddball catridges from makers I had never heard of. Huh? Activision and Atarisoft cartridges for the Intellivision? Hey! Xonox Double-Enders!

I bought 11 cartridges. I'm a slave to the collector's urge: I'll never even play some of these, but I want to go back and buy all of the rest.

To do: finish readying the Nishiki for sale. Make a dentist's appointment. Set up a fixed-gear bike. Tend to the wine. Do the dishes. Lube some bike chains. The simple life: suburban edition.

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