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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Tired Cola 

Even I am sometimes scared by what I am interested in.

Monday was an odd evening: came home from work, microwaved some perogies, rushed downtown (a little late...) to pick up The Lovely One at her new job, and then rushed back to Belcarra to pick up my mother-in-law from a wedding shower. We stayed for a while to visit, and I was relegated to the back room, where I chatted with the gentleman of the house. He was a building inspector by current trade (he said he liked it because people appreciated his work), but in a past life had been an unloved designer of helicopter parts.

Of course, this fascinated me. I spent 20 minutes quizzing him about the various types of load harnesses, pick-up hooks, swivels with electrical contacts, and the various other load-carrying bits he had designed (stuff which he probably expected to bore me to tears). Even when I mention it, it sounds silly, but I'm serious: this was the most interesting conversation I'd had all day.

Sunday was Middle Brother's birthday, and by proxy my father's birthday too (later in the week, really, but mid-week parties at the lake are a bit tricky). A delicious meal ensued. I took my usual dip in the water, which was cool and refreshing (or, if you're The Lovely One, bloody cold and unsuitable for human occupation). Being at the lake is so relaxing it's worth any amount of traffic-fighting to spend a few hours there. I must drop by more often.

I don't remember what I did Saturday.

Race night tonight. Wish me luck.

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