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Thursday, September 23, 2004

100% Better! 

Posting is frequent but disease-ridden, as yr. humble servant is still home and ill-at-ease. But as the title says, 100% better! That, of course, doesn't mean I'm anywhere near good.

This morning was an entertaining scene, as I arose feeling 200% better (I know what you're thinking, but I was only feeling about 25% of nominal yesterday, so 200% improvement got me to about 75%. See? This is not the proverbial 110% fallacy). I was feeling so good and right with the world that I started making my lunch and deciding what I would wear on the bike. Then, as I packed up the lunch, the wracking coughs started. And then I realized the only thing making me feel good was eight hours of rest, since the 10 minutes of lunch-making left me feeling half as good as when I arose, thus leaving me 100% better than yesterday. And infectious. And in dire danger of being unable to do my job ("Help desk, can I COUGH COUGH HACK AUGH CAUGH oooohhh...help you?"), and in need of some rest.

So today was another rollicking romp of staying in my pajamas, handling onerous chores like sewing underwear and acting as the evil cat's personal trainer, giving it a speed-and-agility workout. Which was completely exhausting.

Because I love all of you (let's not examine that too much), and because I read Fark more often than is good for me, the curious tale of the CSS Alabama.

I feel compelled to comment on the site here. For while I love the Confederate flag as much as anyone (having been brainwashed by The Dukes of Hazzard), some things on the site are um, interesting. Peruse if you will the captain's first-hand account of the destruction of his own ship, but pardon me for noting that the introductory paragraph sounds a mite defensive.

What the? I just tuned into practise for the Chinese F1 Grand Prix (because it was there), and my hero, the until-recently unemployed Jacques Villeneuve, is driving a Bennetton around the course.

A quick Google, and it turns out I wasn't as out of the loop as I thought. After spending nearly a season working on his tan, Jacques got signed to not one, but two different teams in the past week.

Next year, Jacques will race for Sauber, a second-line team with aspirations. How serious those aspirations are I'm not sure, since they are closely tied to Ferrari and run old Ferrari engine designs, which somewhat limits their ultimate potential. But for the rest of this year, Canada's man will be driving the very serious Bennetton-Renault.

And when the Renault interviewer asked Jacques why he wanted the job, the younger Villeneuve's answer was like that of Homer's: revenge.

Okay, I've been up too late. Going to try to get to work again tomorrow.

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