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Sunday, September 19, 2004

A catalog of details 

It was my treat day at work on Friday, and The Lovely One provided some most excellent chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies.

Saturday morning I did my usual club ride, though it was a mere five riders until we picked up a sixth at the halfway mark. Relatively easy going, and the weather was unexpectedly good.

A friend of TLO's got married on the same day; we attended the reception at the UBC golf club. Very nice, quite sweet, all the usual nice-wedding details, and a live two-man band playing the dance. An unusual touch in these DJ'd days, and they did a good job. I learned two things: a gin and tonic is nice, and I need to have my suit taken in, as right now it looks like a quality wool potato sack on me.

Also, somewhere in there I rebuilt the electric litter box, maybe the most disgusting task I have ever done.

I'm not doing enough. Sunday was a day of rest. No, more like a day of lethargy. We made our way out to a shabby toy and collectible show at the Croatian cultural centre, but TLO found some Strawberry Shortcake odds and ends there. After, we hit two Value Villages, finding nothing of value in either.

Tasks in the job jar: build wheel, patch tube, take a $10 bill out of one front wheel (it's a trick for "booting" a tire when the sidewall gets a hole in it), fix a lawn mower, mow lawn, finish the AirGames project, check on the wine, make a dental appointment, restore the Ideale saddle, construct a track bike, clean the house.

Once I'm done that, I should really change the brake on The Lovely One's BMX, work on the Auto-Mini project, build the Sturmey-Archer 3-speed transmission into a 20" wheel, and then I can take a rest.

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