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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Glad Game! 

So, Colby Cosh is trying to scare the heck out of me with this story just as my body is fighting a pitched battle with something that started as a sore throat last night and has progressed nicely into sniffles and general weakness today. But my fever is up a bit, and that's okay, and since the combo of sore throat and sniffles met all three of my criteria for not going to work (Will it prevent you from doing your job? Will it get worse if you go to work? Is it infectious?), I called in.

So, in keeping with the idea that diary-keeping makes people more anxious, we'll play the glad game instead.

The weather was unseasonably nice last night as The Lovely One and I walked the dog. Even today, as I look out the window, the sun is setting on a gray but pleasant day. The miracle of indoor plumbing has made recuperating a reasonable experience, and I'm on a flex day Wednesday, and it's vacation time at the end of the week. The sore throat I had last night is gone, and we're into the acceptable but fatiguing part of being sick, the part where the pain and symptoms are fine, I just feel old and weak. No, wait, that's because I turn 31 soon.

Thirty-One? I'm okay with that. I feel like I'm in my prime. Heck, I feel pretty darned immature! So it's ok.

The Lovely One made one of my favourite meals tonight: chicken dumpling stew. It hasn't been cool enough to make it for a few months, but it was the perfect day for it today.

If you'll excuse me then, I have a lot of fluids to drink!

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