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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

In Knots 

Argh. This post will shortly degenerate into self-pity. but first, updates!

Here's the pictures from the weekend Escape Velocity Reunion Ride in Langley. Apologies for the non-interface.

The last few are from the bikes I bought at the garage sale I hit on my way out of Langley. I found a Motobecane from the 70s. Neat. Even nicer is the classy Ideale 80 leather saddle that was on the bike, and which might be worth $40 all on its own. It turns out it's pretty much the archetypal French leather saddle, and considered the match of the more famous Brooks leather saddles. Not bad for a farm-find.

Now, the self-pity: I just feel tied up in knots right now. Not sure why, but I'm really glad it's vacation time at the end of the month.

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