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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Not much to report 

I have spent most of this evening lying comatose in front of the television set. Maybe, like eating fried chicken, I have it out of my system for a while.

I did go out for an entertaining club ride today. All the fast guys stayed away (well, one came for the first 20 minutes, and another rode with his wife, but they fell pretty far behind in the later part of the ride), so we were left with mostly cat-4 types. We made each other suffer pretty good, and I contested the mock-sprints with elan, doing very well in both. Then, had a snack at Max's Deli with two other riders afterwards. Max's was a tasty revelation. They also have a fascinating arrangement of several ceiling fans, all connected in series with belts and pulleys to a single electric motor. the fans and pulleys have a nice industrial-revolution aesthetic about them, and the Rube-Goldberg arrangement appealed to me.

After that, it was just an antiques show with The Lovely One, and pie for dinner. Delicious pear pie.

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