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Thursday, September 16, 2004

A rare divergence from the course of good sense 

The first rule of posting stuff to the web: don't talk about your work. One thing will lead to another, your co-workers and bosses will read your blog, you will say something stupid, and then you'll get fired.

I really, really don't want to get fired.

That said, and putting this as cryptically as possible so nobody gets offended, I have learned that "D'oh" is not acceptable in office correspondence.

Very well then.

I'm just feeling tied up in more and more knots. I'm using my morning coffee break to vent to y'all, since for some reason I'm just finding work a bit stressful right now, and it beats swearing under my breath, which is what I was uncharacteristically doing this morning. Blame complicated problems which I have little control over. Blame the fact I haven't taken any vacation time this Summer, instead hoarding it for the long-put-off trip to Ottawa. Blame the fact that I have terrible workflow management skills, and tend to get behind, and then frustrated, because of it. Blame "Magic", the viciously work-impeding call-logging system we use.

Maybe I would be less stressed if I had beaten myself up on the velodrome last night, but instead I chose another therapy, dinner with my parents. Which was great. Saw my youngest brother and the niece and nephew and my sister and her husband, and it was great. I threw dog toys. I watched the twins race up the stairs. I had a great evening. But the visceral pleasure of overexerting one's body for an hour or so is also incredibly cleansing.

Right now, I think I'd like to crawl under my desk for a few minutes. That would feel better.

43 work hours until my vacation. 13 work hours until the weekend. 71 minutes to lunch. Happy thoughts. Keep smiling. Baby steps.

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