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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Fall Back 

Not much new to report. A fairly uneventful bike ride on Saturday morning. The afternoon was occupied by a tech-support project which was inconclusive. Oh dear.

The return to Standard Time today affects me quite acutely. It means more light in the mornings, which will give me a respite from the recent dark commutes to work.

The good news doesn't last long, though. At this time of year, the daylight ebbs away daily. The Vancouver Sun did a feature article (can't promise that link is permanent) on how quickly it gets dark, and how it's especially bad in Vancouver: Edmonton may have snow on the ground that could stick until Spring, but Vancouver gets far fewer hours of daylight than any other major Canadian city. It's not a small gap, either: Vancouver, 390 hours; Toronto, 505; Calgary, 670. Even Victoria gets 429 hours between October and February.

For a cyclist, the season change is acutely noticeable. I check the weather every morning before dressing for my commute, picking between gear for cold or wet weather. The darkness dictates that I bring and use my lights on the way to work, and with the time change, I will need them for the afternoon ride. Sunrise on Sunday: 0659. Sunset: 16:53. I finish work at either 1630 or 1700, so I'm well into dark rides in the next few weeks. On November 15, the sun sets at 1630.

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