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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Interesting Thing of the Day: The Evolution of Scrolling 

Obviously, I'm not reading Joe Kissel's Interesting Thing of the Day often enough. He recently did an article on
The Evolution of Scrolling which I appreciate for a few reasons.

I briefly worked as a hardware and software tester for Kensington (their Gravis facility in Burnaby, actually) in 2000, and Joe was the guy in the office two doors away, and met with us testing grunts fairly often. I did some testing of the TurboRing trackball he describes, and several other devices, including some joysticks and the latest and greatest versions of the software for both the Kensington mice/trackballs and the Gravis joysticks and joypads.

The oddly named Expert Mouse (it's a large-ball trackball) which Joe talks about is still my very favourite input device. I like the efficient, precise movement combined with a device that doesn't wander all over the desktop, which is what mice do. It is a quirk of cheapness that I don't own one of these most excellent devices already.

My retirement present from Gravis was a prototype gamepad, which is kind of a neat thing to have.

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