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Monday, October 25, 2004

A potpourri of updates 

The Tafelmusik concert was lovely. They're a really great bunch of musicians, and played some nice music. The last thing they played was a long Telemann work, and it wasn't to my taste. But everything else was pure period-instrument gold.

The cat has been remarkably good-natured about the whole stabbed-with-needles experience. I pet it, I inject it, and if I'm clumsy, it might give a startled meow or glance back at me. When I do it right, it doesn't even flinch. Cat seems a lot happier, too, and much healthier.

Did my usual ride on Saturday, then gawked at a cyclocross race that happened to be taking place in Vanier Park, and then hit a few garage sales. The York House one was a complete bust, but a private garage sale on the way back to downtown saw me pick up a bucket of Lego and a Trail-a-bike for $15. The latter item is a huge bargain: it's a sort of bolt-on half bike for kids. It attaches to the rear of an adult bike, turning the whole rig into a sort of articulated tandem. No dropping your kid when you're training, see? I'll have to find a good home for this thing for a few years (suggestions?) as The Lovely One and I will have to actually conceive a child and raise 'em for a time before we have a need for it.

The riding is getting chilly and dark these days, but good clothing and good lighting make the experience pleasant. I like riding to and from work a lot more than I like driving home from work.

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