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Monday, November 15, 2004

Transformers: the Ad 

Thanks to the ever-nerdy Gizmodo, I got to see this amusing ad depicting a Citroen as a dancing transformer. Bravo!

But we at Wired Cola strive to provide value added content in all our posts. And thus I looked a little harder at the ad than other, non-Cybermorphic™ cola bloggers would. Is that distinctive building in the background Vancouver's own Harbour Centre? You be the judge [WARNING: those links have some multi-megabyte pictures behind them]. Note especially the distinctive peak-roofed building visible in both those pictures, and very visible in the ad.

I'm not a film or production nerd, so I can't speculate on where the rooftop parking lot actually is downtown, or if it even exists. The background might have been added as a matte image behind a foreground from some other place entirely.

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