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Friday, November 05, 2004

Weird Week 

Hey, here's a hint for all you infrequent coffee-drinkers like me: If it is 21:30 on a Wednesday night, and you stop by the Laughing Bean with your spouse for a snack, do not order a medium-sized cup of their very good medium-roast coffee, which tastes so smooth and flavourful and goes so well with the peanut butter toffee bar.

If you do not take this advice, you will still be up at 02:00 the next day.

I delivered the Trail-A-Bike to its new owner yesterday, a process which involved attaching it to my bike and riding to work. When you have an extra 30 pounds of metal hanging off the back of your bike on a third wheel, it's pretty easy to go fast downhill.

On the way home, sans Trail-A-Bike, I got a flat. No problem, close to home, I walked it off. Was so sleepy that night I went to bed hours early. No problem, I got up extra early this morning to fix the flat. Which went fine, until I pumped the tube up to full pressure and found a second leak near the valve stem. Change tube, call in to work that I'd be late, get to work late.

I'm in a low-motivation state right now. But I have some deadline-stuff I've gotta get moving on. Get in the game....

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