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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Local Boxing Day deal roundup 

This list is somewhat random, and very heavily electronics-skewed, except for one item: Sports Junkies Port Moody Boxing Day sale, which is the only sale I expect to attend. I'm planning to be there at 0800, and if you snake the road shifters from me, I'll stick a bike pump in yer spokes!

Ahem. Come drop by if you're in the area. It's mostly mountain bike oriented, but the deals are hot and heavy.

All prices rounded to the nearest dollar. I'll not be party to pretending there's a difference between $9.98 and $10.

The best deal so far is already rolling: Future shop has a sale on refurbed Canon A75 cameras. $229 in a web-only deal, 32 remaing as I post. That's a great camera at a great price. The A85 is on sale too.

Staples has a wireless B (not G) router for $19, and a Logitech cordless mouse for $10.

Superstore appears to have a variety of video game deals: two PS2 memory cards for $35, and games for the major consoles starting at $10.

London Drugs is advertising a Digital Camera Accessory Kit for $10, which includes the usual cheesy tripod, mini-case, strap, and cleaning cloth, but there's also what looks like a charger and two AA batteries in the picture. If those are (as I suspect) NiMH bits, that's about as cheap as you'll find a charger and batteries. Pick up two to fully equip your Future Shop-purchased camera.

More decisively, LD has an Energizer charger with four AA NiMH for $25, also a deal. $15 for a 4-port USB 2.0 hub, $30 for an SMC wireless-g router.

Finally, London Drugs has a pretty good deal on the Pentax 33 WR. Good macro mode, no manual modes, but hey, it's washable! No, I'm not joking.

Back to Future Shop: $1000 for a nice-looking Toshiba laptop, $280 for a refurbed Compaq desktop, no monitor, $58 for an MP3-playing car stereo, $20 for a no-name DVD player, $20 for a wireless keyboard and mouse from Benq, who are definitely gunning to become the next brand to graduate from crappiness to credibility. Future Shop definitely seems to be the best retailer for quantity and quality of deals.

Best Buy has a laptop for $900, and only another $50 to add a wireless card. $180 for a compact 4 megapixel Sony camera, but bewarned: no zoom. $20 for the same no-name DVD player as Future Shop, $1000 for a decent-looking Samsung 42" projection TV. Don't be scared off by "HD-ready" TVs: you're pretty much committed to an outboard decoder if you want HD channels from your cable or satellite provider, so there's no need for the over-the-air HD tuner that these TVs don't have. $500 for a widescreen TV, but HD?

Wal-Mart has $10 PS2/XBox controllers. Save-On has $15 FRS Radios.

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