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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Local Politics (for reasonably large values of local) 

Hum, hrm. Several local items that deserve assessment, and since this week, I've been laid up with a shoulder injury (which means that in the last few days all I have done is build a WiFi antenna, overhaul the discs on my parents' truck, crafted some extremely tidy bicycle fender extensions, worked on the damnable Litter Maid, and done some random shopping).

Without much comment, something is afoot with the COPE party in Vancouver. In short, popular and populist mayor Larry Campbell is down to three councillors who actually like him, which makes five COPErs who don't, and the NPA, who like the Olympics but not wards.

Local politics is pretty quiet at the moment, so the recurring theme in the local papers' letters pages seems to be "dear jerks who stole stuff from me this week, why?"

That is all.

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