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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Pain, Agony! 

Somehow I've managed to avoid posting about this so far, but it's time to share: my shoulder, which has been doing some sort of strange muscle-injury thing for a week, is driving me nuts. I'm in a fair amount of pain and discomfort all the time, and Tylenol-3s taken two at a time just barely make things any better.

i haven't had to be on serious pain medication really ever. I had my wisdom teeth out about a decade ago, but it was complication-free. There have been a few moderate musculoskeletal injuries since then, but nothing worth complaining about. This is, as far as I can remember, the most persistent, distracting amount of pain I've endured in my life.

So here I am wondering what I can take to improve matters, when my mother points out that it's a Cousineau family trait to be highly insensitive to painkillers. Nothing works on my father, dentists have a hard time freezing my aunt's mouth, and so on. Hey, great! There's an evolutionary advantage I could do without.

Meanwhile, the pain isn't changing at all, and aside from the T3 prescription, the doctor could only suggest that it was probably just a muscle injury, but might be an early symptom of shingles!

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