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Friday, January 07, 2005

Back in the swing of things 

Well, I just get back from vacation, try to get back on my bike, and seem to be stuck in neutral. On Tuesday, some residual ice in the chain froze, rendering the bike temporarily unrideable. It now sleeps in the house overnight. Wednesday, I actually got to ride. Thursday, with threatening snowfall afoot, I take the bus. As it was, the roads would have been rideable. Today, I take the bus again, and again the roads are clear. And now, after some excitingly threatening-looking snow, I will probably be taking the bus home over clear roads again. So it goes.

Meanwhile, another local college has had half of yesterday and all of today off. But we are strong!

But that's how things are at the moment: after some hopeful-looking negotiations, we're almost certain to go on strike sometime next week. After struggling for some hours with a piece of evil Korean technology (evil, thy name is Miraphone), I got it working (thanks to some exploratory regediting: never trust a device that connects to the serial port and the keyboard port), only to find that it was unusable due to a huge amount of static on the line, apparently from the device itself.

And so on. Nothing serious, just the sort of thing that exerts a mental drag on me. Snap out of it...

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