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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Best. News. Ever. 

Bungie has released the wondrous Marathon Trilogy as a free download. Life is good. I'm going to go home, download this, and play through the whole thing at maximum difficulty! So, who's up for a LAN party?

Update: I went home, got Marathon, set the difficulty to "Total Carnage," and died, repeatedly, about 10 feet from the start point, except for the several times when I died standing on the start point. I have dropped the difficulty.

Also, there's a thing called Aleph One, which is basically an open-source update to the Marathon 2 engine, and it adds some nifty features like network play.

I am finally going to create the map I always threatened to create. It will be called "To John Woo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar." Dual-wield will feature prominently.

See you starside!

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