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Monday, January 17, 2005

a cold day in hello 

Sure, Tweety could fly away. But he doesn't because it is all the better to torment Sylvester! He's actually a twisted, twisted individual. Hmmm. This may be the one time that Grant's minor in abnormal and clincal psychology could prove useful!

I still haven't brought my wired cola mug into the lab. I will, but I was a bad girl last week, and did very few things that I "should have done". Am going to do better this week.

I ran my 5km this morning without too much trouble. It was quite good -- I wasn't too dead at the end. I probably could have done another couple of laps. I'm still going pretty slowly though, compared to how I was before Christmas -- up to 10s slower per lap. I still get 'em done, though, so I suppose that's something. Tomorrow I'll make it my goal to speed up a bit.

My friend Kim and I are talking about sharing a leg of the Banff to Calgary run. One leg is 15km, so if we split it, I should be able to do that. I did 11km in Vancouver, but it's easier to work out in Vancouver than it is in Calgary (I still suspect altitude is the culprit). If I can run 5km every day, I should be able to do 7.5 once. We'll see, I guess! Let's hope it's closer to Calgary than to Banff. Bloody altitude.

It has been -30C here in Cowtown all week. A lot changes about the world beyond about -15, I think. You really can't go outside for any length of time without bits of you freezing (bits that really shouldn't be frozen). I mean, it's one thing to have your nose hairs or eye-lashes freeze -- it sucks, but they'll thaw. It's the other bits that are less pleasant.

Also found out that I am having trouble with allergies due to the cold (or more specifically, due to the central air heating system in my flat). It's strange, it doesn't seem to matter how many times I find out that whatever symptom I'm experiencing is due to dust allergies, I still believe that THIS TIME, it can't possibly be THAT. Anyway -- yaaay! You might think it'd be depressing to find out that you have Yet Another Allergy Problem, but it's really not. Because now that I know what it is, I can DO something about it. I always feel better when I can begin a crusade to defeat the EVIL DUST MITES OF SATAN, as opposed to just sitting about feeling miserable and sorry for myself!

In addition this means I am now the official Queen of Steroids (tm). I have them for my skin, my lungs, and now for my sinuses. Go me! Maybe that's why I'm doing so well with the running. Hmmm....

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