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Monday, January 10, 2005

Wired Cola Mug! 

Well, after a wonderful stint in Vancouver for the holidays, am back in Calgary, spreading the Wired Cola message! I finally got my mug from our security officer, and it is now sitting on my desk at home. Soon, it will be sitting on my desk in the lab, collecting dust here since I am not too sure about its lead content, as well as collecting strange questions from co-workers.

The purple on the logo has strangely been changed to magenta -- which of course left our security officer/logo designer wondering what colours he would have to change the design to to get it to actually be purple, if there was some kind of correction offset he could use. It could work, and no doubt he can figure it out if anyone can.

Calgary is full of fluffy white snow. Lots and lots of it. I got back on Thursday, after a ten and a half hour trip back from Vancouver (the flight usually takes a little over an hour, but it snowed on Thursday in Vancouver, and Vancouver can SOOOOO not deal with snow). It was dark when I got back, and I sequestered myself in my flat for three days to play video games and watch Smallville. When I looked out the window on Sunday, it was very white. Oy. I haven't been outside just yet (I can walk from my flat to my lab without going outside, thanks to the university's underground tunnels).

I'm glad to hear y'all had a good time in Ottawa! Never been there, always wanted to go.

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