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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Best actor nominees. TLO likes Johnny Depp when he's "cleaner." The girls don't like Leo DiCaprio. Marjie, on Eastwood: "Is that his daughter?" Mike: "no, that's his wife. His daughter is older."

Jamie Foxx wins for "Ray." Haven't seen it, but heard it was good. Then again, you usually hear that some people like performances that win this award. Foxx thanks the late Ray Charles for "living." Hm.

He thanks his agents and managers. Marj: "Nooo!" Mike compares him to Rod Tigwell ("Jerry McGuire"). He shouts out to Halle and Oprah. Marj psychically calls it: he thanks his late grandmother. Oh: she saw him do it on the Golden Globes. But at least he says why he loves her. Now he's crying. It seems more meaningful than the best actress speech, somehow.

Blogging may be delayed momentarily. I just won this.

Eastwood just won best director. He brought his 95-year-old mother.

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