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Friday, February 04, 2005

Boring rehosting test 

For uninteresting, used-up-my-quota reasons, I'm rehosting the website. The good news is you shouldn't be able to tell, at least if you've got it bookmarked as wiredcola.com, which should continue to be an authoritative home for the site for some time (as in, I've paid for that domain through 2009, ensuring the security of the Wired Cola legacy.

For the technically-minded, I moved the hosting to blogger's hosting, which may or may not be a stopgap. The major reason for doing this was to avoid filling up my quota on my SFU account, which is 88% usage, a number which has been climbing at about 1% every week or two.

The second, and possibly much less important reason, is to enable the possibility of commercializing this thing in some way. At the moment, I don't expect that to happen. The main reason is I'm not popular enough to bother. But as long as I was hosted on SFU's system, it would have been an abuse of the terms of use, specifically that document of mythic symbolism to a certain class of student, the dread GP 24. That clause disallowing "pre-emptive use of the system for personal gain" would almost certainly preclude a blog that was hosting external ads, for example.

So now you can comprehend the master plan of Wired Cola: get big, somehow, then sell out. It's going to be a long journey. I have some theories, but nothing concrete. For now, the biggest commercial activity will continue to be my attempts to sell my bike.

I may also change some other things about the site: the logo, which I love so dearly, may be sacrificed for something less horrible. This is by no means certain. After all, I would have to overcome my laziness to do so.

But laziness is something I'm working on these days. The new plan is to focus and finish.

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