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Thursday, February 10, 2005

February 27: be there 

So, I'll be back to work tomorrow. The Lovely One and I, after three days of more or less living in hospitals and doctor's offices, don't know much more about her state than we did at the start, except that it's nothing that will kill her. So we wait.

Trying to distract myself, I'm caught in the throes of manic insomnia. So I'll just mention that I'm training seriously for this season's racing, and I'm starting my first, glorious race on February 27, believe it or not.

I invite you to come see me race. This is my own club's "Spring Series," the traditional spate of warm-up races, and a lot of fun.

The Feb. 27 race is a very flat course with few technical issues. It's a good way to warm up the legs, and a pretty place to come out and watch some racing. Afterwards, you can go shop at nearby Fort Langley. Races start at 10:30, and since they run three classes of racing all at once, there's lots to watch as a spectator.

For training purposes this year, I will be racing in the "B" group, which is a bit daring, and I will be racing with a very specific focus and goal. This contrasts with last year, where if I had a race goal, it was "maximum comedy." No, seriously. I rode off the front to chase a breakaway because I was bored, and packed a Chinese coconut bun as my on-board fuel. This year, I'm taking the bell off my race bike.

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