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Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm in Recovery 

This is another of my recurring ruminations on time. Supafamous has his fixations (warning: the least disturbing part of the linked post talks about castration), I have mine.

Today's was brought on by a trip home on the bus, part of my post-race no-riding recovery day. The bus got me home about 35 minutes after I left work, pretty respectable; I'd expect the car to take 30 on most days, and the bike gets me home about a half-hour after I leave the bike rack, but requires a change of clothes on both ends and a shower at home. The bike commute compensates by folding in my exercise time.

Back to car vs. bus. The car saves 10 minutes a day, or 50 minutes a week. Not even an hour. Only 30-50 hours a year saved for all the expense of driving to work.

That's not a huge amount of time. But what do you value your time at? How much would you pay to have those 30-50 hours a year back at the right moment? What about the fact that's like getting an extra week of vacation time? And that's five minutes.

But don't just grind off the nub of your commute. Rationalize your time-use in your whole life. Life is that most precious God-given gift, and it's painfully finite. Take some care with it, and save the bits you'll never miss.

Why did I take the bus then? I can play Gameboy on the bus.

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