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Friday, February 25, 2005

Notes and ruminations on the previous week 

This post will be entirely, endearingly personal, so if you tune in mainly to hear me tell you about interesting things, go somewhere else.

All week I have been preparing the race bike for the season. First race is on Sunday, and it should be hard. It's just a training race, and it's on a very flat course, but I'll be racing with the B group, which is tougher than the C riders I went against last year, and my specific goal for this race should make things pretty interesting as well.

So what with several new parts to attach to the Pinarello, not to mention adding a second STI shifter for the left side (a gift from Dave) and various cable upgrades, I just got the bike fully assembled last night. This morning, I took it to work as a test ride, and it feels really good. Some of that is because it gets compared to my poor, much-suffering winter bike, the $10 Bianchi. Just not having a bike rack saves a fair bit of weight. But that said, either the upgrades have made the bike lighter and more aerodynamic, or the placebo effect is awesome.

The Lovely One has been engaging in some interesting fruit-related behaviour recently. Aside from occasional assaults with an unripe banana (taken in good humour by me: the banana in question is one I bought two weeks ago. It's still not ripe. I think it's a zombie banana!), there's also the amusing moments like yesterday, when she explained I would be getting two different mangoes in my Friday lunch. Cool!

I like this: one task Rebecca has taken upon herself since we married was the provision of my lunches (I think mainly because she's pretty sure I'm not responsible enough to be trusted with my own food choices; given some of the things I've eaten on my own, I have no defence against this argument). She knows I like trying new things, and she loves the challenge. A high point was a month or so ago when she proffered a fruit from her shopping, saying, "I don't know what it is, I don't know how you eat it, but you're getting it for lunch tomorrow. Enjoy!" (It was a mangosteen, and it was quite tasty.)

So, all's right with the world. My Lenten resolution of getting things done in a timely fashion seems to be working out remarkably well. Stuff is getting taken care of. The cat is behaving remarkably well. The car still works. The bike isn't breaking down. What more could one want?

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