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Sunday, February 27, 2005

The president of AMPAS: "Tabernacle of Talent"? Ugh. On the other hand, he's making everyone in the audience suck it up and applaud the U.S. Armed Forces. It's good for actors to do this.

Al Pacino needs to shave. He's introducing a lifetime achievement award for Sidney Lumet...Johnny Depp is wearing a strange tuxedo to go with his weird facial hair.

Huh. Lumet was one of the Little Rascals. When a guy also directed "The Wiz" and "Deathtrap," you have to make some of the montage sequences really short.

Oh no. Is Vin Diesel making a serious movie?

I think the theory is that what Lumet lacked in quality he made up in volume.

At least his speech, like most lifetime achievement awards, is above average. No wait, it's not. He's just thanking everybody who ever made a movie ever. Well, I guess he makes it work. Wait, he just thanked "the movies."

Fun facts from his bio: he was the one-time son-in-law of Lena Horne, whose daughter was fairly obviously the mother of his two pretty daughters. And this: "Was voted the 42nd Greatest Director of all time by Entertainment Weekly."

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