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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Rock brings out the biggest men I have ever seen. He introduces Cruz and Hayek as the "next four presenters." Naughty boy. But it disproves something I thought: These women are not the same person. They're just clones.

At least the sound mixing winners get to be all the way up on stage. Ray wins. I guess because it has music, but I haven't seen any of these films. First guy hogs the mic, and gives a boring thank-off. One other guy gets to thank two people, rest of the winners get no mic time.

Sound editing is up next. I think they just nominated the same four movies. So the mixing was best on "Ray", but "The Incredibles" had the best sound editing. Good line! Winner explains why editing is an artistic award, not a technical award.

They can't get rid of Salma Hayek, who is now introducing the fourth song of the night, from "The Motorcycle Diaries."

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