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Saturday, February 05, 2005

What do you like to do in Vancouver? 

I need your help.

I've been mulling over some ideas for Wired Cola for some time, and I think I've got a good one, through the miracle of synthesis (basically, I took something The Lovely One gets annoyed by, combined it with somthing keith was annoyed by, and mixed it with an exhortation about local content being the next frontier for blogs (that's not necessarily true: the successes of bloggers like Mickey Kaus and Glenn Reynolds are largely a product of dealing with non-local concerns).

The result is not ready yet. I need some more ideas. If you want to help, you can send me your suggestions for interesting things to do or see in Vancouver. At least for now, I put no limitations on what this means. It could be anything from the indoor go-kart track in Richmond to the curious sculptural balls around BC PLace Stadium; anything from a good restaurant to a good place to pick blackberries. I need a whole bunch to feed the machine I'm planning to build, but I promise it will be worth the wait.

Share & Enjoy.

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