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Monday, March 14, 2005

Another fine weekend 

And as usual, I blew it all on cycling. And what a fine thing to do! Saturday was a slow training ride, which meant riding to UBC and back. Sunday, I went out to the latest lovely Spring Series race, and by virtue of retreating back to the C group, I didn't get dropped. On the standard bike racer scale, it was Suck Level 4, which meant in this case taking 7th place after missing the last-lap break and getting chased down by my older, smarter teammate. Oh good: here's a picture of that glorious moment.

This week, the plan is to do the training. Next weekend? More racing, less Suck!

Special Bonus: without further ado, the "What to do In Vancouver" series is starting. No, this doesn't mean I have enough entries. It just means I'm tired of waiting.

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