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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Things to do in Vancouver: Tojo's 

I promise, TtdiV won't be all restaurant reviews, but I wanted in this case to call out a very specific experience you can have at Tojo's, a restaurant routinely described as the best sushi joint in a city with a reputation for good sushi joints: Omakase.

Here's how it goes: you sit at the sushi bar, and the chef (Tojo himself in our case, and possibly in all cases) briefly quizzes you about your food preferences, and then brings out dishes until you ask him to stop. You will eat rolls you have not imagined, and Tojo himself is a jovial presence.

The Lovely One and I did this just once, some years ago, on a special occasion. The experience was a sublime education in what sushi could taste like.

Did I mention the price? It's almost a shame to do so. In our case, a few years ago, the bill came to $180 before tip, and we didn't drink anything. Was it worth it? I didn't feel overcharged.

Tojo's Restaurant
777 W. Broadway
Phone 604 872 8050
Open for dinner Monday-Saturday

The restaurant's about page is funny and accurate.

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